#TEAMCHASETHEDREAM consists of various profiles of dream chasers who we selected to inspire & strengthen everyone to follow their dream. Their profiles are meant to show the person behind the story – behind the struggle, so we can identify with them. We can all use the encouragement at points that we might want to give up because of the rocky road of chasing a dream. Outside of the personal profiles, we will also follow up with these dream chasers to inform you of their where a bouts & more important, of their inner battles & victories. Are you ready to show the real you? Join the team!

Natalie Gilmore

Natalie Gilmore - Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience World Tour

This down to earth, fun loving, knowledgeable and extremely talented chick started working at Starbucks and ended up being one of Justin Timberlake’s lead dancers. Natalie started dancing when she was only 5 years old…

Meet Natalie

Amandy Fernandez


It was a sunny Sunday morning when we met with Amandy Fernandez – one of Beyoncé’s main crew dancers. So what is it that we expect from such a female? Is she going to be stuck up? Maybe. Will she be more than just a pretty face? Maybe. All these …

Meet Amandy



KJ knows what she wants. She isn’t the type of girl to chase just one dream – she has a foot into a little bit of everything. KJ is a business owner/brand ambassador who dances, choreographs, models and is on her way to build her own empire. Dope right?

Meet Katrina



Roxanne is a sight to see: long blond hair, a smile to kill for and a body of a dancer…which isnt so weird because Roxanne IS a dancer. Better yet, she embodies dance. When she was younger, all she wanted to do was dance, perform and share her…

Meet Roxanne



A citizen of the world is what you might call Mike Peele. Born in New York, raised in Detroit, currently living in LA. At the moment he’s traveling the world as a choreographer, dancer & actor plus he is busy setting  up his own clothing line named…

Meet Mike



When we sat down with Ashley Scott to talk about her very own Drapes, the first thing we noticed is how freeing and positive her energy is. When you manage, after years of dream chasing, to keep your energy as. When you manage, after years of dream chasing…

Meet Ashley



This talented little lady is no joke. A bigger than life personality and a presidential working ethic combined with loads of talent – winner! Plus the pretty face where it’s all packaged in doesn’t hurt either… Mariana van Zanten started…

Meet Mariana