The Gypsy Project: Cheroney


Meet our all time favourite; Cheroney!

Our Dutch readers might already be familiar with Cheroney Pelupessy, as they have seen her on shows like So You Think You Can Dance? or The Ultimate Dance Battle on RTL 5.

“I’ve learnt my first commercial experiences through these dance shows, and it really confronted me on a personal and an artistic level.”

Through these experiences she learnt to find her true identity, as a person and as a dancer. As a dancer you’re expected to be unique and yet those who try to be different are being overshadowed. Cheroney wants to help her students to find their true identity and how to express themselves in the purest form from within.

Cheroney is selected as one of the 27 people to participate in “The Gypsy Project”. “The Gypsy Project” is an intensive training/coaching project which focuses on the development of your own voice (identity) within dance. This project lasts for 7 weeks. And people like Jiri Pokormy are sharing their knowledge and experiences through “The Gypsy Project”.

As a upcoming student of “The Gypsy Project” Cheroney wants to teach her students all that she will learn during “The Gypsy Project”. Ultimately this will lead you (as a student) to find your true identity within dance and as a person.

Before Cheroney can join “The Gypsy Project”, she needs to get her trip funded. This trip will cost € 3.800,00. Even when she got a big part of the funding covered, she still needs you help to raise more!

Help Cheroney to get funded for “The Gypsy Project” and learn all that you can once she shares her knowledge and experiences from “The Gypsy Project” with you.

Donate here.

Source: Voordekunst

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