Miami Heat’s Hayley Witztum


“Since I was a child, I have always dreamt about being a performer. I am currently a Miami Heat Dancer. However, my future dreams include moving to LA and dancing and touring with an artist.” 

When we spoke with Hayley Witztum we came to the quick realization that this woman is no joke. A dancer of the infamous Miami Heat basketball team – Hayley is not planning on quitting anytime soon. We love how she is living out one dream and already thinking about the next one. Intriguing right? Wait until you read her story. 

“I was born in London, England and started dancing at about 3 years old. As a little girl I loved performing on stage in front of all the parents and families at recitals, and even in front of the couch in my living room. I would watch MTV all day wishing I was there dancing next to Beyoncé.”

Hayley moved to Miami about 5 years ago and continued to grow, take dance classes and pursuing her dreams. Don’t get it twisted though; it wasn’t always easy for this leading lady. How did she deal when things didn’t go as planned?

“After auditioning for the Miami Heat Dance Team in 2012, and not making it, I was ready to forget it and move onto something else. I started to doubt myself, getting confused with what I should do. I felt down, discouraged, and disappointed in myself.”

“I am always one to say, “If you want something, go for it”. To overcome the feeling of quitting I decided to try again the next year. I took my critics from the audition and worked on them. I took more classes and many other styles of dance. I became healthier and more fit, and even watched make up tutorials on YouTube to become more prepared. I told myself rejection and failure should only push me to work harder! 

Although this story is already great as a whole, there is one piece we keep remembering from interviewing Hayley: “You cannot learn from a mistake you never made.” This line shows a great deal of character. Not only is this lady down to earth, unapologetically herself and beautiful – Hayley is an example to us on how to view failure as a positive concept. Therefor alone, we salute you, Hayley! Thank you for showing us your perspective that from now on, we will share with you.

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