Beyonce’s Amandy Fernandez


It was a sunny Sunday morning when I met with Amandy Fernandez – one of Beyoncé’s main crew dancers. So what is it that we expect from such a female? Is she going to be stuck up? Maybe. Will she be more than just a pretty face? Maybe. All these questions flew right out the window when she walked in.

All smiles, leather jacket and Timbs – across from me sat a down to earth, interesting and very real individual! She’s more than just an amazing dancer – she loves architecture, traveling is fuel to her soul and new experiences are what makes her live. She oozes New York; learning different aspects of various cultures is what she loves and a perfectionist is what she is.

A hip-hop lover and dancer by nature, Amandy had to get in tune with her feminine girly-girl side. Heels, dresses and acting sexy are ways she had to make her own. This isn’t the only struggle she had to overcome to become an allround dancer. She feels as if the art of dance is being underestimated; people don’t understand the story behind the hustle. Auditions, rejection after rejection, the insecurity of a dancer’s life and there’s always the struggle with your own body; one injury and you can kiss those dancing shoes goodbye.

Amandy had to fight for her spot in the Beyoncé’s crew, but other dancers weren’t the only people she had to fight with in her quest of becoming a professional dancer. Her parents didn’t support her dream; they wanted to see their daughter become a doctor, a lawyer – a scholar. Amandy followed her passion, made her own path. Every dream chaser understand that this wasn’t easy, but her hustle was strong. Her crew and her grinded it out; even the subway became a rehearsal space where they would hit the trains to spread their love for dance. She kept her course, fought hard and after seeing her perform on stage with Beyoncé at the Superbowl, her parents have accepted her passion and are now very proud of their dancing daughter.

So Amandy understands: Dance is indeed her Hustle. She loves what she does, but at the same time she is realistic; the life of a dancer isn’t stable. She wants to build a strong foundation for herself and teaching workshops is one of her future wishes. This scares her a little because she never taught classes before and she wants to teach her pupils the best she can.

Amandy, you gained us as fans! We love how your personality is sweet, thankful and easy going, but you’re a beast once you step on stage. We respect you as a person and as a dancer. Your hustle is real!

Nice to meet you & see you sooner than later!

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