Justin Timberlake’s Natalie Gilmore


Meet Natalie Gilmore. This down to earth, fun loving, knowledgeable and extremely talented chick started working at Starbucks and ended up being one of Justin Timberlake’s lead dancers. Her story? Read on! 

Natalie started dancing when she was only 5 years old (“every girl loves a pink tutu”) and never stopped.

Natalie moved to LA in 2005 with her eye on the price. While loving her job at Starbucks, she knew it was only temporary. All she needed was time to fulfill her dream & time was against her.

“I remember having a breakdown in January of 2013. I had started a new job at another coffee shop and that was the last thing I wanted to be doing. I wanted to be dancing and that was it! I was giving myself until my 10-year anniversary in LA to fulfill my dreams. At that time I was going on my 9th year and I was tired of the rejection.”

But Natalie didn’t give up. She knew she had come too far to quit. She worked even harder, learned to ask for help, actually listened to advice and realized that believing in yourself is most important. What helped her to move through the motions and deal with the letdowns?

“I would say that you have to trust the universe and believe in yourself. Because without belief and faith that you are good enough and that you have worked hard enough – there is nothing. You also need loyal friends that will tell you the truth when you need it and comfort you when it hurts.” 

“I don’t know if I would do it any different. Only because then it may not turn out just the way it has. I am so happy with everything that happened along the way; even if it was exhausting and hard at the time. Everything taught me something that helped me move forward in my journeys. I feel accomplished. I feel so proud of all the struggles and things that I’ve been through. They make me who I am today and I am so excited to share that with anyone who wants to chase a dream of their own.”

Any advice for your fellow dream chasers? “The dance world takes perseverance. You have to push yourself in ways you never thought were possible. You have to keep going. Train hard. Practice many different styles, but always know which one is your passion. Find what makes your heart sing and stick with it.”

Natalie, you made our heart sing during this interview. Your energy breathes through your words and we thank you! We will stick with you!

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