Glam Girl: Katrina Jo


“3 years ago, I started my first company. A year ago, I started another company and I’d only like to expand those two companies and build much much more. I recently just signed with a new manager and another agency and I’m excited to get back into the acting/commercial world. I have a bunch of things on my goal’s list that I’d like to accomplish within the next 5 years.”

KJ knows what she wants. She isn’t the type of girl to chase just one dream – she has a foot into a little bit of everything. KJ is a business owner/brand ambassador who dances, choreographs, models and is on her way to build her own empire. Dope right? We think you will fall in love even more when getting to know this lady. She breaths love and has a hustler steez that a lot of big men can learn from. Meet KJ!

Dancing since she was 3, started choreographing at 16, signed at a dance agency at 18 – this Cali girl is no joke. “I was lucky enough to make professional dance teams in the NFL / NBA, choreographed for colleges and pro-dance teams in Southern California, and started my first company called GlamGirlsLA. GlamGirlsLA is a promotional model / dancer company that does events on the west-coast. From there – I got hired by Hennessy and did Brand Ambassador work for Hennessy Black and I now work as a Reebok Classics Brand Ambassador here in Los Angeles.” With a motivation as strong as oak and surroundings where KJ’s family & friends pushed her to be the best she could be, her determination grew. She is determined to make her dreams become her reality. 

KJ is a dream chaser pur sang, but we know how rough the road can get. Did she ever want to give up? “Sometimes things can definitely get hard and I may feel lost along the way sometimes but I have to remind myself that I’m also learning as I build. When you work for yourself, you never actually stop working. I don’t have a 9-5 job where at 5pm I can clock out for the day and not have to work until the next morning. My hours are endless… and majority of the time, I only get out as much as I put in. There are times when I get so behind on emails I feel swamped and super stressed out or sometimes I’ll have a mental block where I can’t choreograph but I always remind myself that I’m blessed with these opportunities and it is definitely a blessing to be busy!” Amen sista – we are blessed and should not forget that, especially when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for a minute.

Doing this interview with KJ has been a pleasure and when we are closing and editing her words we reminisce on how she told us to “Never work harder for anyone else or any other company than you do for yourself.”. KJ knows that the industry isn’t always kind but there are good and genuine people who will truly believe in you and your vision. Never ever give up.

This is the exact reason why wanted KJ on our team. Salute!

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